Monday, December 3, 2007

Awards and Honours of Professor Stevenson Fung

Awards and Honours of Professor Stevenson Fung: "Oxford University D.Sc. Award In 1996, The University of Oxford awarded me the very rare and distinguished Doctor of Science, degree (D.Sc., second doctorate) -- the highest award/degree bestowed upon an academic. This was in recognition of my authoritative and highly significant contribution of knowledge in science. I know that I am definitely the only blind person ever awarded the D.Sc. by Oxford. This D. Sc. was awarded upon submission and assessment of my research output up to the end of 1994 -- The University of Oxford is careful not to accept publications within twelve months of submission in order to ensure that no unnecessary academic controversy is involved in the work submitted. Another main requirement for this degree application was that the applicant must have worked in academia for at least ten years. "

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